Data-driven insights for
holistic digital technology management

In today's economy, CIOs are expected to build digital capabilities across every business initiative - from customer interactions and process automation to business services - while simultaneously delivering operational excellence across core IT processes. However, the increasing pace of technological change and legacy systems make it hard to manage this digital journey.

Horizon360 provides a 360 degree view of an organization's current IT and digital performance compared to industry peers. Executives use our expert diagnostic insights to drive performance, optimize spend, and modernize IT capabilities to reach new business heights.

How you can benefit from Horizon360

Our product suite focuses on the four key elements of holistic digital technology management:

IT Efficiency

IT Capabilities

Digital Value

Digital Maturity

We help to answer the most critical strategic questions:

  • How well is the IT organization optimizing spend and delivery resources to achieve high productivity across core processes and assets?
  • How efficient are core IT management processes across key functions, e.g., applications, demand, infrastructure, sourcing?

  • How effective is the enterprise's digital strategy and execution in driving tangible business results,e.g., uplift, savings, engagement, satisfaction?
  • How enabled is the organization to deliver on its digital strategy, e.g., through agile practices, flexible architectures, advanced analytics?